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#1 Elvarg RSPS

The best upcoming all in 1 RSPS. ECO + PVP.

Votes: 92 Reviews: 7 Type: PvP Data: Null

#2 Blurred RSPS

The fastest growing RSPS servers, daily events, daily giveaways, authentic community!

Votes: 54 Reviews: 7 Type: PvP Data: Null

#3 Roat Pkz


Votes: 12 Reviews: 7 Type: PvP Data: Null

#4 Oldschool RSPS

The best old school runescape private server. Endless content.

Votes: 7 Reviews: 7 Type: PvP Data: Null

#5 BoomScape

An exciting and enjoyable gaming experience like no other? Look no further than BoomScape

Votes: 3 Reviews: 7 Type: PvP Data: Null
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A RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) is a custom, modified, player-made, unofficial version of the popular MMORPG RuneScape. These servers are created by players / developers who use custom clients, servers and code to modify the game and create a unique version. They have their own rules, mechanics, and features that differ from the official game, including custom content, modified game mechanics, unofficial updates, a different economy, and unique gameplay modes. Players may choose to play on a RSPS for reasons such as more flexible gameplay, community-driven development, nostalgia for older versions of the game, or to experiment with new ideas. Notice: It's important to note that they are not officially supported by Jagex Games Studio, the creators of RuneScape, and may not provide access to official content, updates, or customer support. Additionally, some RSPS may have issues with stability, balance, or fairness. Before joining a RuneScape Private Server it's crucial to research the server's reputation, rules, and community to ensure a positive and enjoyable gaming experience, however - We have done most of that for you already.

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RuneScape Private Servers
  • Blurred RSPS
  • BoomScape
  • Elvarg RSPS
  • Roat Pkz
  • Oldschool RSPS
  • Elvarg RSPS
  • Blurred RSPS
  • Roat Pkz
  • Oldschool RSPS
  • BoomScape
  • Roat Pkz
  • Blurred RSPS
  • Elvarg RSPS
  • BoomScape
  • Oldschool RSPS
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